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Open Weekend Programme,
24 - 25 November 2001

Welcome to the Orwell Astronomical Society's 2001 Open Weekend. This is the largest event we have staged since 1988.

Our Open Weekends have a number of aims: raising funds, introducing the public to astronomy and society recruitment for those who are interested. Joining over this Weekend will give you full membership for the remainder of this year and for the whole of 2002.

Opening Hours

Doors open 17:00, close 22:00.

Displays in the Classrooms

Trade Stands

Information Desk

If you need any advice on any astronomical topic please ask here. We will endeavour to answer any question. At this desk you will be able to purchase FAS astronomical calendars, a history of Orwell Park Observatory and other items that members have donated.

PPARC have donated some information booklets that will be given out to any one who is interested.

If you would like to join the society, this is the place to ask for information.

Belvedere in the Observatory Tower

There are displays on the history of the observatory and restoration work carried out during the past 25 years. The Belvedere is surrounded by a set of balconies running from the East via the South to the North West sides.


The evening's viewing will concentrate on the Moon and the planet Saturn.

All astronomical observations are subject to weather conditions. If it is cloudy nothing can be seen. However if it is clear there will be three locations where telescopes will be in use.

Astronomy on the field sessions will be held near the School's cricket pavilion. Assemble in the passageway at the bottom of the stairs to the observatory. Please take care when exiting from the outside passageway on to the School playing field. There are two sets of steps to negotiate. Once you are on the path alongside the playing field turn right onto the grass. There will be lights to direct you to the viewing location.

Location of astronomy on the Field sessions Location of astronomy on the field sessions.