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Biographical Notes on George Noel Bower (1885-1951)

1854 October 11, father, James Garton Bower, born in Norwich. Lived at Earlham House, Earlham Road. An iron founder for over sixty years, Managing Director and Company Chairman for over thirty. [Obituary MNRAS vol. 96, p. 289-290, 1936 February]

1882, James Garton Bower married Helen Brook Rhodes of Huddersfield. [Obituary MNRAS vol. 96, p. 289-290, 1936 February]

1883, William Le Neve Bower, elder brother, born in Norwich. [freebmd]

1885, George Noel Bower, born in Norwich. [freebmd]

1890, James Garton Bower joined the BAA as an Original Member. [Obituary MNRAS vol. 96, p. 289-290, 1936 February]

1891, Charles Francis Bower, younger brother, born in Norwich. [freebmd]

1905 October 17, the instruments of Dr Isaac Roberts (1829-1904) were bought at auction by Mr James Bower of Norwich. These included a 20" (500 mm) aperture Grubb reflector and a 7" (178 mm) aperture Cooke refractor on the same equatorial mounting. [The Observatory, vol. 28, p. 433, 1905 November] He also owned many other scientific instruments including James Nasmyth's (1808-1890) 20" (500 mm) alt-azimuth speculum metal reflector (later donated to the Science Museum) and an orrery belonging to George III. [Obituary MNRAS vol. 96, p. 289-290, 1936 February]

1913 November 26, George Noel Bower joined the BAA, proposed by James Garton Bower (father), seconded by Algernon Montagu Newbegin (1885-1965). Address, Imperial Customs Service, Custom House, Madras, India. [JBAA vol. 24, p. 62 & p. 143]

1915, address, Custom House, Calcutta. Compounded to life membership. [BAA members list 1915]

1917, Captain C F Bower, brother, killed in action in France. (age 26) [Obituary MNRAS vol. 96, p. 289-290, 1936 February]

1918 June 8, first to see Nova Aquilae 1918. [JBAA, vol. 28, p. 243, 1918 September] A Grace Cook was the first to see it from the UK. [Journal of the Astronomical Society of India, vol. 9, p. 19-23]

1920 March 12, father elected FRAS. Proposed by Christopher Thwaites (1840-1929), Norwich City Engineer 1872-75, consulting engineer in Norwich 1893-96. [MNRAS vol. 80, p. 239 & 453]

1922 February 27, mother died in Norwich, age 67. [freebmd]

1925, address, New Custom House, Bombay. [BAA members list 1925]

1931, address, Custom House, Karachi. [BAA members list 1931]

1935 May 28, father died aged 81. Obituary by A M Newbegin. [MNRAS vol. 96, p. 289-90, 1936 February] Probate records, William Le Neve Bower a "company director" and George Noel Bower a "customs officer".

1937, address, Custom House, Calcutta. [BAA members list 1937]

1945 April 28, George Noel Bower married Dorothy Jessie Hasted in Eye, Suffolk (Dorothy born 1896 April 15). [needs verification]

1946, address, Oaksmere, Brome, Eye, Suffolk. [BAA members list 1946]

circa 1950, included in Dennis Jack Fulcher's list of BAA members based in Suffolk. Address Oaksmere, Brome, Eye, Suffolk.

1951 March 12, died at Station Road Garage, Eye. Probate to Dorothy Jessie Bower, widow (age 66). [freebmd]

1973 March 27, Dorothy Jessie Bower, widow died, born 1896 April 15 (age 77). [freebmd]

Bill Barton, FRAS