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OASI is a society for people interested in astronomy. We are based at Orwell Park Observatory and Newbourne Village Hall, both situated near Ipswich, Suffolk. Members enjoy a wide range of interests in astronomy and include armchair astronomers, casual observers, and dedicated amateurs with specialist skills in visual and photographic observing, constructing telescopes, public education in astronomy and the history of astronomy.

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Visit Orwell Park Observatory and see the historic Tomline Refractor.


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Xmas Social Event

06 December 2023, Xmas meal at The Fox, Newbourne. Open to members of OASI and their guests. Booking by the OASI Secretary is now closed. Any member wishing to attend who has not yet booked will need to book directly with The Fox.


Mon 04 Dec 2023, 20:15, Orwell Park Observatory, Taster evening. Places must be booked in advance by email.

Wed 06 Dec 2023, 20:00, The Fox, Newbourne, Xmas meal. Open to members of OASI and their guests. Booking by the OASI Secretary is now closed. Any member wishing to attend who has not yet booked will need to book directly with The Fox. Menu.
NB: Orwell Park Observatory will be closed tonight.

Mon 11 Dec 2023, 19:30, Newbourne Village Hall, Newbourne meeting - beginners welcome!
Festive quiz night - bring the family, drinks and nibbles!

Wed 13 Dec 2023, 20:15, Orwell Park Observatory, General observing for members of OASI.

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Recent activities and observations

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[1/10]   In a montage taken in Hα light, the solar disk displays active regions, granulation, sunspots, filaments, plages and limb prominences. The presence of so much activity may be a sign of more aurorae to come! 28 November 2023, Martin Cook. More.
[2/10]   A toolbag lost by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) presents an unique observing opportunity. In the image above, the trail left by the object is marked with its orbital catalogue identifier, 58229/1998-067WC. 24 November 2023. Nigel Evans. More.
[3/10]   A spectacular auroroa witnessed from near Narvik, Norway. 19 November 2023. Andy Gibbs. More.
[4/10]   On 09 November, the Moon occulted Venus. The images show the two bodies shortly before and shortly after the occultation. 09 November 2023. Martin Cook. More.
[5/10]   An aurora was visible over much of the British Isles on the evening of 05 November 2023. Left-top: Martin Cook; left-bottom: Paul Whiting, FRAS; right (top-bottom): Toni Smith. More.
[6/10]   Saturn. 17 October 2023. Andy Gibbs (with additional image processing by Carl Baldwin). More.
[7/10]   Comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura), imaged from the Canary Islands on 15 September 2023. Left pane: image with minimal processing; right pane: image extensively processed to make the comet more visible. Nigel Evans. More.
[8/10]   Solar spectra captured on 07 September 2023 using a solar tele-spectroscope. Top: sodium doublet (588.99 nm & 589.59 nm); bottom: Hα line (656.28 nm). Bill Barton, FRAS. More.
[9/10]   Anyone fancy a beer? At Latitude 2023, OASI provided support to the event Stargazing by Kevin Fong and Dr Stuart Clark. Unfortunately, the weather did not permit observing, so time had to be spent instead in the green room! 22 July 2023. Photo by Mike Whybray. More.
[10/10]   OASI's 2023 summer picnic on Saturday 08 July was blessed with good weather, enabling impromptu solar observing mid-afternoon. Image by Martin Cook. More.