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Notes On The Ipswich Section Of The Chaldaean Society

Formation of Ipswich Section

The Chaldaean Society was formed in London, in November 1916, with the aim of popularising and undertaking observational astronomy. At the beginning of August 1921, an advertisement appeared in the local East Anglian press giving details of a preliminary meeting organised with a view to forming an Ipswich Section of the Society. (The advertisement also gave details of an exhibition of astronomical photographs at Ipswich Museum.) The meeting was held on 04 August 1921 and the record shows that founder members of the Ipswich Section included the following:

Biographical notes on some of the founders and others are below.

Activities of the Ipswich Section

The Ipswich Section held its first meeting on 05 November 1921. The first Chairman of the Section was Guy Bazeley Petter, FRAS, ARCS. At the AGM, held at Ipswich Museum on 02 October 1922, it was resolved that the committee would be elected annually, but that the chairman would serve for two years followed by two years when he would be ineligible. Thus Petter was chair from October 1921 until October 1923. The second chair was William Rowley Elliston.

The Section organised meetings at Ipswich Museum at approximately monthly intervals. The meetings included talks by outside speakers and by members. The Section visited Orwell Park Observatory on 28 October 1922 and reported unfavourably on the condition of the telescope which, they thought, was "useless for observing". Two additional sections of the Chaldaean Society were formed in Suffolk, at Yoxford and Stowmarket; both had close links with the Ipswich section.

The records of the Society provide an insight into the activities of the Ipswich Section as follows.

The Chaldaean, vol. IV, no. 14, spring 1922, p28:

Winter 1922, the Ipswich section has now over forty members. We learn that on March 11th Father A L Cortie delivered a popular lecture entitled "The Sun".

A considerable number of observations have reached the Secretary, mostly double stars and planetary, from Messrs R L T Clarkson (Beccles)..... etc.

(Father Cortie was Principal at Stonyhurst College, Lancashire.)

The "central body" of the Chaldaean Society considered the work done in Ipswich in the early nineteen-twenties to be so good that they requested a detailed report be submitted for publication as an example to other sections, thus The Chaldaean, vol. V, no. 17, winter 1923, p32:

Ipswich Section of the Chaldaean Society

Report of the Session, 1922-1923

This session has been in every way successful. Although our membership is not large, several new members have joined who have greatly contributed to making our meetings a success.

Meetings are held monthly and many interesting papers were read, upon which lively discussions followed. The following is a list of the papers given:

An excellent Presidential Address was delivered by Mr G B Petter, FRAS at the Annual General Meeting held last October. The Meetings were a great success, were well attended, and provided a very pleasant means for local astronomers and their friends to come into touch with each other.

Mention must also be made of the practical side of the section's work. Much observational work has been done by Miss A Grace Cook and Mr J P M Prentice who have collected a great quantity of valuable meteor observations. Mr Bennett and Mr Walker have done good work in solar observations, Dr Blacklock has worked at some mirrors which he is constructing, and Mr E H Collinson has done some work on long period variables and stellar photography.

We owe much to the work of our Correspondent, Miss Grace Cook, and our President, Mr G B Petter, for the successful way in which the section has been carried on.

The Chaldaean, vol. V, no. 19, winter 1923 - spring 1924:

A lecture entitled "The System of the Stars" was given in Ipswich, on November 10th, by Father Cortie, SJ, FRAS. The lecture was arranged by the Ipswich Section of the Chaldaean Society and the Ipswich Branch of the Workers Educational Association. It was beautifully illustrated by lantern slides and delivered to a large and appreciative audience. Mr G B Petter, FRAS, presided.

In The Chaldaean, vol. III, no. 10, spring 1921, p22-23 there is a large fold out table of results from the observations made by members of the Society of the annular solar eclipse of Friday 08 April 1921. The path of annularity passed over north-west Scotland before moving on to the extreme north of Norway. The eclipse appeared as a very deep partial from the rest of the United Kingdom and was observed from Suffolk by the following:-

Further information may be obtained from the transcript of the Minute Book of the Ipswich Section, below.

Disbanding the Ipswich Section

A committee meeting of the Ipswich Section on 29 September 1924 was attended by only two members, Rowley Elliston and Miss Alice Grace Cook. It was resolved to close the Section due to lack of members. The Section's funds stood at just three pounds, the sum being given to Miss Cook for the furtherance of astronomy in the neighbourhood.

In 1950, many former active members of the Ipswich Section became founders of IDAS, and much of the Section library was donated to the new society.

Disbanding the National Society

When the London Chaldaean Society disbanded in 1944, all remaining regional sections followed suit.

Biographical Notes

Biographical notes for some of the founders and members of the Ipswich Section are below.

Mr A F Bennett, FRAS

Mr A W Blacklock

Mr E H Collinson, FRAS

Mr J P M Prentice

Harry Hinsley Burgham (09 January 1874 - 10 January 1942), FRAS, FSC, FRGS, was born in West Derby, Liverpool to Edwin James Burgham and Theresa (nee Hinsley). Profession: chemist and optician (product image below). Premises first at 21 Tacket Street and subsequently at 3 Buttermarket, Ipswich. Elected fellow of the RAS on 10 May 1912. Variously, fellow of the Society of Chemistry, fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. Died at Wareham, Dorset. The pictures below show Burgham, his premises at 3 Buttermarket, Ipswich in its heyday and in 2014 (looking remarkably similar!) and an example of his product. Thanks are due to his son, Brian, for providing the historical pictures and granting permission to publish them. The image of 3 Buttermarket in 2014 is courtesy of Bill Barton.

HHB_portrait.jpg H H Burgham.

HHB_shop.jpg Burgham's shop, 3 Buttermarket, Ipswich.

3_Buttermarket_2014.jpg 3 Buttermarket, Ipswich, 2014.

HHB_glasses.jpg An example of Burgham's product.

Alice Grace Cook (1887-1958), FRAS was one of the first women to be elected FRAS and held the post of Section Correspondent for the Ipswich Section. She was acting Director of the BAA Meteor Section 1914-18 and became full Director 1921-23. She wrote numerous articles on astronomy for the local press, especially the East Anglian Daily Times, under the pseudonym Mary Star. Her observing report on Halley's Comet in 1910 was one of disappointment: the comet's tail and nucleus were fainter and less distinct than she had hoped for and been expecting. More on A G Cook.

William Rowley Elliston (01 February 1869 – 18 February 1954) was born at the Manor House, Ipswich. He graduated BA in 1890 and LLB in 1891 from Christ’s College, Cambridge and was called to the Bar in June 1893. On 28 April 1898, he married Ethel Mary Walton (1869–1964) at St. George’s, Hanover Square. The couple raised two daughters (Dorothy Mary & Kathleen) and a son (William Arthur). Some key dates in Elliston's later life:

Elliston was politically active and was Liberal candidate for Woodbridge at the general elections in 1910, 1918, 1923 and 1924, losing every time to Unionist candidates, twice to Colonel Robert Francis Peel then twice to Ipswich tobacco magnate Sir Arthur Churchman. (The Woodbridge constituency was created in 1885 and abolished at the 1950 general election.) He was a major in the Territorial Army and was awarded an OBE in 1951 for public services to Suffolk. He is buried in St. Martins Church cemetery, Tuddenham together with his wife. (Coincidentally, Kenneth Goward, FRAS (1952-2009), Chairman of OASI 2003-08, is buried in the same cemetery, not far distant.)

W_R_Elliston.jpg Elliston, taken at the time of the Great War. Courtesy of the Imperial War Museum under the terms of the IWM Non-Commercial Licence.

Elliston_grave_20150416_BB.jpg Gravestone of Mr & Mrs Elliston (By Bill Barton, FRAS, 16 April 2015.)

Guy Bazeley Petter, FRAS was a BAA member from 24 November 1909. He died in 1948 in mysterious circumstances having gone missing after watching a rugby match. His body was discovered on heathland seven weeks later.

John Henry Wall (1843-1932) was born in 1843 in Hindringham, Norfolk. Some key events in his life are as follows:

Drewry Ottley Wollaston (1856 - 1943) attended eleven meetings of the Ipswich Section from 05 December 1921 to 11 February 1924. (In the transcription of the minutes below, he appears with variant spellings: eight times as Wollaston, twice as Woollaston and once as Woolaston.) At the sixth meeting, on 01 May 1922, he is identified as "Mr. D. O. Wollaston" - this is the only instance to quote his initials, providing enough of a clue to identify him.

He was born in Norwich in 1856 [1] and died in Ipswich on 21 August 1943, aged 87 [2]. His wife was Eleanor Mary Palmer, born in 1873 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. They married in March 1905 [3]. She was an assistant teacher of music (possibly at Ipswich High School?)

His father was also Drewry Ottley Wollaston. He was born in Leeds in 1822 and died in Ipswich in 1905 [4] (and thus could not have been the member listed in the minute book of the Ipswich Section). He was an architect but was not practising after 1881. He married Mary Elizabeth Locke in Swaffham, Norfolk in 1851 [5].

From Kelly's Directory for Ipswich: Drewry Ottley Wollaston and Drewry Ottley Wollaston junior, both living at 30 Fonnereau Road. Junior is a solicitor and commissioner of oaths practicing at 16 Museum Street [6]. He had other commercial and private addresses in the town, but only a private address after 1940 (58 Henley Road) so that is likely when he retired [7].

From the London Gazette, 09 July 1889 [8]:

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned, William Chandler Block and Drewry Ottley Wollaston the younger, carrying on business as Solicitors, at 16, Arcade Street, Ipswich, under the style or form of Block and Wollaston, has been dissolved, by mutual consent, as and from the 30th day of June, 1889. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said William Chandler Block or Drewry Ottley Wollaston. - Dated this 5th day of July, 1889.
W. C. Block.
D. O. Wollaston, jun.

From the Ipswich High School News of 1904-1905 [9]:

WOLLASTON - PALMER. On January 2nd, at St. Mary's Church, Whitton, by the Rev. G. F. Archer, M.A., Rector, Drewry Ottley Wollaston, only son of the late Drewry Ottley Wollaston, of Ipswich, to Eleanor Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas Palmer, Mus. Bac., of Ipswich.

[He was 49 years of age, she 32.]

Mr Walker appears several times in the Minute Book of the Ipswich Section. He is likely Frank Egerton Walker of "Masionette" Leiston, included in a list compiled by Dennis Jack Fulcher in the 1950s, of members of the BAA living in Suffolk. It appears that Walker did not attend a meeting of the Ipswich Section without A F Bennett also attending, suggesting the possibility of a link between the two. Further (circumstantial) evidence of a link is as follows:

  1. Walker is known to have worked at Garretts at the same time as Bennett.
  2. Walker was a member of the BAA (the pre-requisite for inclusion in Fulcher's list). He was proposed for membership by A G Bennett on 29 November 1922 [10]. Could this be a mis-keying of A F Bennett? After all, "F" and "G" are adjacent on a standard typewriter keyboard.

One can speculate that the two men may have travelled together to meetings of the Ipswich Section; Bennett being of higher social standing would likely have given Walker a lift in his car (if he owned one). This, if true, would explain why Walker never attended without Bennett also being present.

Minute Book of the Ipswich Section of the Chaldaean Society

Transcribed by Pete Richards, 2014, from Suffolk Record Office item GC14/A1/1.

Document presented by D J Fulcher, Hon Secretary of IDAS, 19 Gloucester Road, Ipswich, 25 March 1968.


Chaldaean Society, Exhibition of Astronomical Photographs, open 3.30 to 5.00pm and 7.30 to 9.00pm

Thursday 04 August [1921], A meeting will be held at 8.00pm to discuss the formation of a section of the Chaldaean Society at Ipswich. Chairman Mr G B Petter, FRAS, ARCS.

Address by Mr J Hargreaves, President of the Chaldaean Society. All interested in science or astronomy are invited. Further particulars and a pamphlet describing the objects of the section may be had on application to Miss A Grace Cook, FRAS, The Grove, Stowmarket.

The Museum Lecture Room, High Street, Ipswich, Thursday 04 August, 3.30 and 7.30pm. Admission free.

Minutes of Inaugural meeting 04 August 1921

An exhibition of astronomical photographs lent by the president Mr J Hargreaves, Mr Guy Petter, Mr Hicks, Dr Wolsey Blacklock, Mr Ed Collinson and Miss A Grace Cook, was held on 04 August from 3.30-5.00pm and 7.30-9.00pm at the Museum Lecture Room, High St Ipswich.

A meeting with Mr Guy Petter, FRAS in the chair and Mr Hargeaves President of the Chaldaean addressed the meeting on forming a Section at Ipswich.

A discussion followed, Mr S A Notcutt, Mr Burgham and Mr Maynard taking part, on the advisability of starting a new scientific society or joining the Ipswich Scientific Society.

On the proposition of Miss A Grace Cook a motion was put to the meeting "that a section of the Chaldaean Society for Ipswich and the neighbourhood be formed with Ipswich as the headquarters". Seconded by Mr Burgham and carried. Mr Notcutt suggested that a preliminary committee be formed to make arrangements and fix the annual subscription – Mr Petter, Mr Burgham, Mr Ed Collinson and Miss A G Cook were chosen.

Newspaper cutting


Centre of the Chaldaean Society Formed at Ipswich

An excellent loan exhibition of astronomical photos was opened at the Ipswich Museum on Thursday, and attracted quite considerable attention. The exhibition was held in connection with the Chaldaean Society, and was preliminary to a successful attempt to form a local centre. In the evening a meeting was held, presided over by Mr Guy B Petter, FRAS, ARCS at which Mr Hargreaves, FRAS, the president of the society, explained its workings.

Mr Hargreaves said that the object of the society was to study astronomy and interest people in that science, which was eminently one which amateurs could take up with profit to themselves. By securing a number of observers in various parts of the country who were willing to send their observations to headquarters, they were able to find out very useful scientific facts. To do this it was well to have a number of local sections, because this enabled persons interested in astronomy to meet together and discuss matters, and it enabled them to circulate a number of expensive books on the subject which might be quite beyond the reach of many. What they wanted was not so much to secure people who were more or less expert but those people who would become interested in the science. The chairman did not think that there would be any difficulty in forming a centre in Ipswich. Astronomy was a branch of education which made a special appeal, because it was pure research but it was one about which there was a significant amount of ignorance.

Mr Hinsley Burgham said that he believed at one time the Ipswich Scientific Society had an astronomical section but that it had fallen out apparently. Was it proposed to run the centre in conjunction with the Scientific Society? Mr Hargreaves replied that if the Society intended to keep on their astronomical section there might be considered the question of affiliation of some sort or another.

Mr S A Notcutt as president of the Scientific Society said there had been no specific astronomical section so far as he could remember but he could see no reason why the centre of the Chaldaean Society should not run their lectures in conjunction with his society. There was a great difficulty in getting audiences on scientific subjects and he thought that another society would not be successful in securing a large attendance at their meetings.

After some further discussion Miss Grace Cook moved that a local centre be formed for Ipswich and its neighbourhood. Mr Hinsley Burgham seconded and this was carried.

A provisional Committee was formed consisting of Mr Guy B Petter, Miss Cook, Mr Bingham and Mr J Collinson to carry out the preliminary arrangements and to select a correspondent.

First Committee Meeting, 10 August 1921

A committee meeting was held on 10 August at 5 OC at the museum Lecture Room. Present Mr Petter, Mr Collinson and Miss A G Cook who met and discussed the amount of Annual Subscription and Entrance Fee. These were fixed at 5/- for Annual Subs; 1/- Entrance Fee.

Mr Notcutt and Mr Maynard were present part of the time. It was agreed that some lectures be held in connection with the Ipswich Scientific Society; if possible a public lecture after Christmas.

Guy B Petter

Newspaper cutting

The Stars!

The Ipswich section of the Chaldaean Society for Astronomy is holding its first meeting on 03 October at 5.00pm in the Museum Lecture Room, High Street, Ipswich. Anyone interested in astronomy or wishing to become a member is invited to attend. There is an entrance fee of one shilling and the annual subscription is 5s. Arrangements will be made for holding classes, meetings or lectures at all centres where the members desire them. Astronomical books will be available for loan to members. Advice and help will be given in observational work. Further particulars can be had on application to the correspondent – Miss A Grace Cook, FRAS, the Grove Stowmarket.

Initial meeting 03 October 1921

A meeting was held at the Lecture Hall, Museum on 03 October at 5 OC for members to pay subscriptions and borrow books.

11 members paid in subscriptions. It was agreed to hold the next members' meeting in the office of the museum at 5.30 – 6.30 pm. Mr Collinson to arrange a programme. Members to exchange books then.

The secretary suggested that Father Cortie of Stonyhurst be invited to lecture after Christmas if possible under the auspices of the WEA [Workers Educational Association]. That Mr Hargreaves be asked to give a talk to the school boys and girls during term time – also if possible {then} go to Yoxford.

No committee meeting was held as there were only 3 members present.

Guy B Petter

13 October 1921

13 October sent report of section to Sec. "Chaldaean Society" for AGM on 16 October.

First Members' Meeting, 05 November 1921


First members meeting on 05 November 1921, 5.30pm

Members present. Mr G B Petter in the chair, President. Mr J P M Prentice, acting secretary. Messrs Burgham, E H Collinson, Rowley Elliston, Wm Smith, Maynard (visitor), Mrs Collinson, Mrs {Baxter or Banker}, Miss Eley and Miss Jolly.


  1. the list of members was read by the acting secretary. The president commented on the good beginning and that Yoxford had 9 members.
  2. The President read a letter received from Mr Foster, Luton Section, sec of the Chaldaean Society welcoming the formation of an Ipswich Section.
  3. It was announced that efforts were being made to arrange for Father Cortie of Stonyhurst to lecture during Feby or March in conjunction with the WEA.
  4. A public Lecture by Miss G Bacon, FRAS was announced.
  5. Arrangements for the admittance of visitors to members meetings were discussed {fully} a resolution moved by Mr Prentice seconded by Mr Collinson that members should bring visitors if they desired without payment of charge on admittance {card}. This was carried {mem cor}.
  6. The next members' meeting was fixed for 05 December at 6 OC again in the office of the Ipswich Museum. The time of 6 OC was found to be more convenient for Ipswich members as no country members had turned up it was carried that the next meeting be held at 6 OC.
    It was announced that the first Yoxford meeting would be held on Wednesday 09 Nov and a message of good wishes for success was directed to be sent to them for their meeting.

Papers read:

  1. A paper on the origin of the earth by G B Petter dealing with the nebular hypothesis of Laplace and the objections to it and the more likely planetesimal hypothesis of Chamberlain and {Moulton}.
  2. A paper on the partial eclipse of the Moon 1921 Oct 16 by E H Collinson illustrated by a number of excellent photos taken by him with his equatorial camera. {Further} a home made orrery was exhibited showing the principles of the eclipse of the Moon only occurring at full moon.
  3. A paper on meteors by J P M Prentice dealing chiefly on the size and velocity of meteors and their connection with comets.

Signed Guy B Petter

First Meeting of Yoxford Branch, 09 November 1921


Yoxford held their first meeting on 09 Nov.

An address was given on various astronomical subjects by Mrs Flaxman who is acting secretary illustrated by astronomical photographs lent by the Ipswich correspondent. The meeting was presided over by Col Daniels who spoke on the formation of the sub section of the Chaldaean Society being formed at Yoxford. There were about 70 people present.

Mrs Flaxman has lived over 20 years in Yoxford and had never heard of the lecture meeting being held there. There are now 11 members in Yoxford.

Newspaper cutting


During the last few months a section of the Chaldaean Astronomical Society has been formed in Yoxford, and on Wednesday evening the members held their first meeting. Col. Daniel presided over an attendance of about seventy, amongst whom were Mr and Mrs C H Lomax, Miss Gray, Mr and Mrs Beaumont, Miss Brown, etc. Pictures of celestial objects were on view kindly lent by Miss Grace Cook, FRAS.

An address was given by Miss Flaxman of Yoxford who in a very interesting way spoke of the solar system, sun spots, magnetic storms, the planets, the Earth as viewed from Venus, etc. The lecture was most interesting, and was followed with rapt attention by the audience, who frequently applauded. The newly formed section is to be congratulated on securing Mrs Flaxman as their local secretary. Several new members were enrolled.

Second Members’ meeting of Ipswich Section

Second Members Meeting on 05 Dec 1921 in the museum lecture room at 6 OC. Members present Mr G B Petter (chairman) Mrs Collinson, Miss {Eley}, Mr Wollaston, Mr Ed Collinson, Mr J P M Prentice Mrs Alice Grace Cook (local correspondent), Mr S A Notcutt, Mr Rowley Elliston.

The secretary read the minutes of the first members' meeting. These were confirmed. Also the minutes of the first public meeting at Yoxford on 09 Nov were read.

The secretary read a letter from {Mr Turner} the lecture secretary of the Ips WEA stating that father Cortie had promised to come on 11 March 1922 and lecture on "The Sun". Mr Turner had suggested that the lecture be held in the museum lecture room High Street. This was put to the meeting by Mr Rowley Elliston and seconded by Mr Wollaston and carried. A paper was read by Miss G Cook on "Notes on the Milky Way" illustrated mainly by photographs by Prof E E Barnard of Yerkes. The writer referred to the various names the "Milky Way" was known by in old times and in other countries. It was compared to Saturn’s rings though the resemblance was only a superficial one. The Spiral Nebulae photographs were examined to see if they more nearly resemble our Galaxy. It was made clear that our Solar System was not the centre round which the "Milky Way" circles. If there is a central Sun it must be some giant like Canopus in Argo Navis. A map was shown with the bright Novae or New Stars plotted on and near the Milky Way and the Spiral Nebulae avoiding the galactic plane. Globular Clusters are found on both sides and close to the "Milky Way" {borders}. Notes were given from Prof Barnard’s {M S} and references to his catalogue of dark markings on a nebulae.

The next meeting was fixed for the 2nd Monday in January, 09 Jan at 6 OC.

Guy B Petter

Third Members’ Meeting 09 January 1922

1922 Ipswich

Third members' meeting was held in the museum office at 6 OC on 09 Jan. Members present – Mr G B Petter (chair), Mr Notcutt, Mr Rowley Elliston, Mr Wm Smith, Mr Wollaston, Mr Prentice, Mr Collinson, Mr Lindsay Prentice (Visitors Collinson Bros 2) Miss A G Cook Mr{s} Banker {or Baxter}.

The secretary read the minutes of the 2nd members' meeting. These were confirmed.

She read a letter from Mr Turner WEA secretary on the financial arrangements for Father Corties' lecture. There would be no tickets but a silver collection.

Final announcement of Miss Bacon’s lecture on 17 January.

Local correspondent also giving a lecture at Stowmarket "Our Nearest Neighbours" in connection with Stow WEA 23 January.

First members meeting at Stow: on 14 January announced show of astro photographs. Paper on stellar photography by Mr E H Collinson.

Mr Collinson asked members to offer papers for the next members' meeting. This was acceded to by Mr Petter and Mr Notcutt on the telescope. Mr Elliston proposed the next meeting be called for 06 Feb seconded by Mr J P M Prentice.

Papers: Lunar Photography by E H Collinson illustrated on black board and his own photos.

Parallax on the determination of Stellar Distances by J P M Prentice.

Signed Guy B Petter

First Members’ Meeting Stowmarket

1922 Stowmarket

First members' meeting was held at "The Grove" on 14 Jan at 6 OC.

Members present: Miss Alnam, Mr J M Prentice, Mr Haywood Smith, Mr Birch, Mr Brown, Mr Collinson, Mr J P M Prentice, {Mr} R L W Prentice, Miss A G Cook, Visitors Mrs Peacock, Mr and Mrs Wilkes, Mr and Mrs Badcock, {Mrs} J M Prentice.

The local correspondent sketched the progress of our section of the Chaldaean Society and its aims which were not alarming – we were not out to make all our members stargazers. Of course if they do become keen we will help them in methods of observing and general advice.

Mr Collinson of Ipswich delivered a paper on Stellar Photography illustrated by his own photographs also on methods he uses for work on the Sun and Moon.

A lively discussion and questions followed.

The members then adjourned to the study where a number of astronomical photographs were on view.

Mrs J M Prentice kindly invited members to her house for the next meeting in February.

Signed A Grace Cook

Mr Brown brought our section library "Ball’s Story of the Heavens" which has been presented by Mrs Edwards of Ipswich.

Fourth Members Meeting Ipswich 06 February 1922

The 4th members' meeting was held in the museum office on 06 Feb at 6 OC.

Present. Mr G B Petter (Chairman) members Mrs Collinson, Mrs Eley, Miss A G Cook, Mr Wollaston, Mr Rowley Elliston, Mr Notcutt, Mr Smith, Mr Prentice, Mr Collinson, Dr and Mrs Blacklock, Mr Bussey and Mr Denny and 4 visitors.

The minutes of the 3rd meeting were read and confirmed.

The president invited the correspondent to give a short account of the first members' meeting at Stowmarket. When she had done so he suggested that the Ipswich members convey their good wishes to Stowmarket for their future success.

The correspondent announced the gift of a book to the library from Mrs Edwards. Ball's "The Story of the Heavens". Mr Prentice proposed the meeting send a vote of thanks. This was seconded by Mr Rowley Elliston and carried unanimously.

Mr Collinson proposed the next members' meeting be held on 03 April. This was seconded by Mr Rowley Elliston and carried.

It was decided that the correspondent and Mr Collinson send notices to the members and cards of invitations for Father Cortie's Lecture 11 March.

The president then gave a splendid paper on the construction and use of telescopes and Mr Notcutt followed by showing several spectroscopes at work. Dr Blacklock also spoke on the care of telescopes. The members thoroughly enjoyed the meeting.

Signed Guy B Petter

Stowmarket, Second Members’ Meeting 11 February 1922

Second members' meeting on 11 Feb at 6.00pm held at Redcroft, Temple Rd.

Present Miss A G Cook, Mr J P M Prentice, Mrs J P M Prentice, Mrs Collinson, Mr Ed Collinson, Mr Badcock, Mrs Peacock. Visitors. Miss Portway and Miss Morgan and Mr J M Prentice.

The minutes of the first meeting were read and confirmed.

The correspondent read the account of a daylight fireball seen by Mr Denning on 07 Feb 3h 55m.

She told the meeting of the good wishes sent to them from the Ipswich members.

She then gave a paper on Sir William Herschel and showed photographs of him and an illustration of the 40 foot telescope at Slough.

Mr J P M Prentice gave a paper on the most recent nebular hypothesis.

This was followed by a lively discussion. Photographs were shown of several nebulae.

Mr Prentice proposed that our President, Mr Guy Petter, be asked to give a paper at the April Meeting.

Public lecture in Ipswich 11 March 1922

On 11 March at 8.00pm Father Cortie gave us a delightful lecture on the Sun. This was arranged jointly with the Ipswich WEA. Father Cortie referred to the Chaldaean Society Section at Ipswich and gave members several hints during the lecture. The lecture was divided into two parts. The first on the Sun’s surface and the 2nd dealing with the envelopes and corona. A silver collection was taken during the interval. The museum lecture room was filled beyond its seating accommodation by a most enthusiastic audience.

The chair was taken by Mr S A Notcutt. Mr Guy Petter, FRAS, the President of the Suffolk Section of the CS proposed a vote of thanks, this was seconded by Miss A G Cook and carried by acclamation.

Newspaper Cutting

Expert Astronomist’s Illustrated Lecture at Ipswich

Under the joint auspices of the Ipswich branch of the workers' education association and the Chaldaean Society a crowded audience attended at the Museum Lecture Hall on Saturday Evening on occasion of a lecture on "The Sun" given by the Rev Father Cortie of Stonyhurst Observatory. The room was not nearly large enough to accommodate the great number of those who were anxious to hear but no one objected to the inconvenience so charmed were all with the fare the lecturer placed before them, and delighted with the magnificent lantern illustrations.

Mr S R Notcutt occupied the chair, and in introducing the lecturer expressed what was evidently the opinion of all present when he said Ipswich was honoured by the visit of such an eminent astronomer as Father Cortie, gracefully referring to the long service of years during which he had taken a leading part in the transactions of the Astronomical section of the British Association.

In his lecture Father Cortie provided no less entertaining than recondite, and had a fund of racy and amusing anecdotes to enliven the more technical portions of his subject. Dealing first with the surface of the Sun he illustrated and referred to at length to its mottled appearance then with the beautiful faculae connected with sun spots and with the sun spots themselves. The illustrations thrown on the screen were exceptionally vivid and interesting.

The second portion of the lecture dealt with the envelope of the Sun, illustrated by photographs taken during eclipse and by daylight and also by drawings made at Stonyhurst and elsewhere. There were pictured the effects of sun storms, one series being progressive and showing flames arising from 40,000 to 150,000 miles in height. The composition of the Sun as revealed by Spectroscope, was also shown and demonstrations made.

The lantern was ably manipulated by Mr Guy Maynard, curator of the museum.

The one and a half hours during which Father Cortie held his audience entranced passed all too quickly, and it was one of the most instructive, illuminating and interesting lectures the W.E.A has been instrumental in presenting to an Ipswich audience.

Yoxford 20 March 1922

Yoxford 20 March. Mr Hargreaves the president of the Chaldaean Society lectured at Yoxford. Part of the proceeds were sent to the Ipswich and East Suffolk Hospital funds.

Ipswich, Fifth Members’ Meeting, 1922

The fifth members' meeting was held at the Museum office at 6.00 pm.

Present Mr G B Petter (chairman), members Miss Eley, Miss A G Cook, Mr Wollaston, Mr Rowley Elliston, Mr Denny, Mr Hersey, Mr Prentice, Mr Collinson.

The minutes of the 4th members' meeting were read and confirmed. A short account of the 2nd members' meeting at Stowmarket was given. Mention made of the Yoxford lecture on 20 March.

Mr Collinson proposed that the next meeting be a "Conversation" one. He withdrew this proposal and made the proposition that the next meeting be held on 01 May, this was seconded by Mr Prentice and carried. The secretary suggested that she would like to be able to charge half annual subscription to any member joining after 6 months of the Society’s year (Oct 1 – Oct 1) had elapsed. This was unanimously agreed to.

Mrs A G Cook had a paper on the "Nebulae" illustrating her subject by diagrams and photographs. A discussion followed.

Signed Edward H Collinson, chairman

Ipswich, Sixth Member’s Meeting, 01 May 1922

The 6th members' meeting was held in the museum office on 01 May at 6.00pm.

Present: Dr Blacklock, Mr H E Kersey, Mr D O Wollaston, Mrs J H Collinson, J P M Prentice, Lindsey Prentice, E H Collinson and visitors.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

A note by Miss Grace Cook on the Lyrid meteor shower of 1922 was read by Mr J P M Prentice.

The next meeting was fixed for 10 June.

A paper was read by Mr H E Kersey on the construction of small telescopes, illustrated by experiments showing the various properties of lenses and mirrors.

Mr E H Collinson gave a paper on "Cepheid Variable Stars" in which he explained the pulsation theory of variation put forward by Prof Eddington.

Committee Meeting, 02 October 1922

A committee meeting was held on 02 Oct 1922 at 6 OC in the office of the museum High Street Ipswich.

Present: Mr G B Petter, Mr Prentice, Mr Collinson, Miss A G Cook.

Business. Minutes of the last committee meeting were read and confirmed.

The balance sheet was discussed and referred to the annual general meeting.

Also the correspondent's report and the librarian's report.

Mr Collinson required some cards for notices of members meetings to be printed. This was agreed to. The correspondent asked if travelling expenses might be taken if she attended the meetings. This was agreed to. She made a suggestion that 10 mts – 15 mts be spent at the meetings in telling the members of any astronomical events likely to take place and give members a chance of telling something of what they had done in observations or heard other members doing.

Members were invited to hand in their names to Mr Collinson if they desired to join the expedition to Orwell Park, the date suggested being 28 Oct.

Ipswich AGM, 02 October 1922

The AGM was held on 02 Oct 1922 at 6.30pm in the office of the museum, High Street, Ipswich.

Members present were Mr G B Petter president, Miss A G Cook correspondent, Mr J P M Prentice librarian, Mrs and Mr E H Collinson, Dr Blacklock, Mr Bennett and Mr Walker and 4 visitors.

The minutes of the 1st AGM were read and confirmed. The balance sheet was read and on the proposition of Mr Prentice 2nd by Mr Bennet passed and confirmed.

Mr Prentice proposed that the office of president be held for 2 years and he should not be eligible for the next 2 years. The committee be elected annually at the AGM and all eligible for re-election. The librarian also shall be elected annually and shall be an ex-officio member of the committee and shall be eligible for re-election.

Mr Bennett seconded this proposal and it was carried unanimously.

The members of the committee consisted of Mr G B Petter, Mr Kersey, Mr Collinson, Mr Prentice and Miss A G Cook.

Mr Bennett proposed they be re-elected en-bloc. Dr Blacklock seconded. Carried.

Mr Collinson proposed that Mr Bennet be asked to join the committee. This was seconded by Mr Prentice and carried.

Mr Prentice was proposed for re-election as librarian by Miss A G Cook seconded by Mr Collinson and carried.

The first members' meeting of the session was agreed to be held on 13 Nov (2nd Monday) at 6 OC.

The correspondent read her report for last session. We numbered 47 members and have 3 centres at Ipswich, Yoxford and Stowmarket. Ipswich held 6 members' meetings at which 10 papers were read. Stowmarket had two meetings. The first consisted of an astronomical photographic exhibition and one paper and the 2nd meeting 2 papers were read. At Yoxford Mrs Flaxman started with an address and a show of astronomical photographs and they also had a public lecture from the president.

Ipswich was favoured by a visit and lecture from Father Cortie of Stonyhurst.

Several of the members were doing systematic observation throughout the year and the results sent to the various astronomical journals. The presidential address followed and was greatly appreciated.

Guy B Petter

Ipswich 1922/23 First Members’ Meeting, 13 November 1922

The first members' meeting of the new session was held in the Museum office on Monday 13 November at 6.30pm.

Members present – Mr G B Petter (chair), Mr Burgham, Mr E H Collinson, Mr Bennett, Dr Blacklock, Mrs Collinson, Mr Notcutt, Miss Petter, Mr Smith, Mr Walker, Mr Woollaston and visitor.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

The correspondent's report was read and comments made on it. Two members visited Orwell Park Observatory on 28 October. Not good weather. They reported unfavourably on the condition of the telescope and thought it is useless for observing.

A resolution supporting a suggestion by the correspondent to ask Mr Hargreaves to lecture on the solar eclipse and invite Father Cortie to lecture again in Ipswich was carried unanimously.

Mr Prentice moved an objection to the date of the meeting on the grounds that it would be more convenient if held nearer the full moon. After some discussion on the suitability of various dates it was agreed that Mr Collinson be given a free hand to fix the most convenient date he could which motion was carried unanimously.

Papers were read by Mr H H Burgham dealing with the planets and by J P M Prentice on "Some Determinations of the Solar Apex".

Guy B Petter

Ipswich 1922/23 Second Members’ Meeting 11 December 1922

The 2nd meeting of members was held in the museum office on 11 Dec at 6.00pm.

Present – Mr G B Petter (chair), Mrs Petter, Mrs Collinson, Mr Ed Collinson, Mr Rowley Elliston, Mr Woolaston, Mr Bennet, Mr Walker and Miss A G Cook.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

Miss A G Cook read her report and mentioned that 3 new members had joined and several members had resigned. She referred to an announcement in the daily papers of 04 Dec that a Romanian astronomer M Zwierel had discovered a nova of 1st magnitude in Lyra on 01 Dec. It has now been found some mistake has been made as no star can be found in the position indicated. The correspondent pointed out that novae hunters must not neglect to observe in moonlight.

Some discussion took place about the proposed date and arrangements for father Cortie’s lecture and a proposal was made by Mr Woollaston that Mr Rowley Elliston and Mr Collinson be appointed to meet the lecture sec of the Ipswich WEA who wished for their association to join with us as in the past year. 2nd Mr Walker and carried unanimously. Our president referred to a suggestion from the correspondent that members should be invited to tell other members something of what they were trying to accomplish and he pointed out the great difficulty to do this in many instances particularly his own work which is chiefly mathematical.

Mr A F Bennett then gave a very clear and delightful paper on "recent Astronomical Research and Hypotheses". The date of the next meeting was left to Mr Collinson to fix.

W Rowley Elliston.

Informal meeting

An informal meeting took place before the members meeting. Mr Petter, Mr Bennet, Mr Collinson, Miss A G Cook.

She read letters from Mr {Turner} the WEA Lecture sec and also from Father Cortie and Captain {Mayne}. It was agreed that the correspondent invite Father Cortie to come on Monday 12 March – that 2 members be appointed to make arrangements for the lecture together with Mr Turner. The sec. of the Ipswich Scientific Society had written asking that they might receive an invitation to the lecture. Captain {Mayne} offered father Cortie hospitality.

Ipswich, 1922/23 Third Members’ Meeting, 15 January 1923

1923 the 3rd members' meeting was held in the museum office on 15 Jan at 6 OC.

Present Mr Rowley Elliston (chair), Dr Blacklock, Mr Smith, Mr Bennet, Mr Wollaston, Mr Notcutt, Mr and Mrs Petter and Miss A G Cook and 3 friends.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

Mr Rowley Elliston mentioned that he and Mr Collinson had seen Mr Turner the Ipswich WEA lecture sec and made arrangements with him for the hire of St Margaret’s Parochial Hall at 8 OC for Father Cortie's lecture on 10 March. The proceeds of the lecture were to be divided after the expenses had been deducted.

The correspondent read a letter from Mr Hargreaves with an account of Mr Hargreaves plans in Australia and the possibility of proceeding to California for the Solar Eclipse this year.

Past observations of interest were a naked eye sunspot on 27-28 Dec and the Quadrantid meteor shower observed in "full" moonlight on 03 Jan.

Mr Bennett thought the sunspot was due to return on 18 Jan.

The correspondent proposed that the next meeting be on 12 Feb. at 5.45pm instead of 6 OC at the suggestion of Mr Collinson. This was seconded by Mr Bennet and carried.

Dr Blacklock then gave a most instructive demonstration on "Making a small Herschelian Telescope". He answered numerous questions in a helpful fashion at the end.

Guy B Petter.

Yoxford, Mrs Flaxman Obituary, 24 January 1923

Mrs Flaxman passed away on 24 Jan after a very short illness. She will be a great loss to our section as she was devoted to astronomy and was filled with enthusiasm which she tried to impart to others and make them as keen as she was herself. She took charge of 10 members at Yoxford, gave them talks and a lecture and arranged for Mr Hargreaves to lecture there last year. Mrs Flaxman lived alone and slept at the top of the house to be nearer the stars and to use her telescope. She was often seen with her telescope in the street or in a meadow near. And I think many in Yoxford will remember her when they see the stars – they will be her memorial. Mrs Flaxman leaves no near relatives, but I feel sure the members at Yoxford will appreciate your sympathy in their loss.

A Grace Cook, Local Correspondent of the Ipswich Section.

Ipswich, 1922/23 Fourth Members’ Meeting

The 4th members' meeting was held in the museum office at 5.45pm.

Present Mr G B Petter (chair), [Mrs] Collinson, Miss Petter, Dr Blacklock, Mr Rowley Robinson, Mr Notcutt, Mr Woollaston, Mr J P M Prentice, Mr Smith, Mr Bennett, Mr Walker, Mr Collinson, Miss A G Cook and 1 friend. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

A vote of sympathy was accorded the Yoxford members on losing their secretary Mrs Flaxman who died on 24 January. The secretary was asked to convey this to the members at Yoxford.

The correspondent had very little to report on any astronomical events of the last month. Mr Bennett informed us the large sunspot did not return in January. She drew attention to the zod. Light being easy to see in the Spring months.

Mr Bennett proposed that the same method as last year be employed to inform our friends of Father Cortie's lecture. (This took the form of invitation cards sent to members to fill in to their friends.) Seconded by Mr Rowley Elliston. Carried.

Mr Collinson gave a capital paper on "Some Remarks on the Dark Nebulae" illustrated by his own photographs and some of Mr Barnard’s photographs of the Milky Way.

Guy B Petter.

Ipswich Public Lecture, 10 March 1923

Owing to illness Father Cortie was unable to give us his lecture on 10 March as arranged.

Ipswich, 1922/23 Fifth Members’ Meeting 09 April 1923

The fifth members' meeting was held in the office at the museum on 09 April at 5.45pm.

Present. Mr Petter (chair), Mrs Collinson, Miss Petter, Mr Bennett, Mr Walker, Dr Blacklock, Mr Smith, Mr Rowley Elliston, Mr Wollaston, Mr Collinson, Miss G Cook and 3 friends. The minutes of the 4th meeting were read and confirmed.

A short report by the correspondent followed. {… cloudy … weather bad … with observing.} The Zodiacal light had been well seen on several occasions and a night of luminous {sky} on 18 March. Aurora was seen from Cumberland on 24 March. Attention was directed to the west sky in the evening of 04 and 08 April when the whole of Gemini and Auriga seemed immersed in luminosity like an extension of the Z. L.

Mr Collinson referred to the brightening up of Beta Ceti detected by an English schoolboy Abbott at Athens (from 2nd Mag to 1st Mag).

A proposal was made by Miss Cook that the next members meeting be held in May at 6 o'clock was 2nd by Mr Collinson and carried.

A paper was given by the correspondent on "Meteors and Meteorites".

W Rowley Elliston.

Ipswich AGM, 24 September 1923

The AGM was held at 24 Sep at 6.00pm in the office of the Museum Ipswich.

The chair was taken by Mr Petter.

Members present were Miss Petter, Mr Bennett, Mr Walker, Dr Blacklock, Mr Smith, Mr Collinson, Mr Prentice and Miss A G Cook.

The minutes of the 2nd AGM were read and confirmed.

The balance sheet was read and on the proposition of Mr Smith, 2nd by Mr Walker, passed and confirmed.

Mr Bennett proposed that local sections formed in connection with the Ipswich Section retain 6d from each member. This was 2nd by Mr Prentice and carried unanimously.

Election of officers.

Mr Prentice proposed that as the term of office for our President had expired, Mr Rowley Elliston be asked to act. This was 2nd by Dr Blacklock and carried unanimously.

The members of the committee Mr Bennett, Mr Prentice, Mr Collinson and Miss Cook were re-elected and Mr Petter proposed in place of Mr {Reisey} who had resigned on the proposition of Mr Walker. 2nd by Mr Smith.

The librarian Mr Prentice made a suggestion that in future instead of members sending him books to loan out, a list of members and any books they would be willing to lend direct to members should be available on application to the correspondent. This was 2nd by Mr Bennett and carried unanimously.

The correspondent asked that Mr Rowley Elliston and Mr Collinson be authorized to make the arrangements for Father Cortie's lecture meeting on 10 Nov.

The Presidential Address than followed and was listened to with great enjoyment.

A vote of thanks was heartily accorded the president and another was given to Mr Maynard for his courtesy in lending us the museum office for our meetings.

An informal Committee meeting took place before the AGM. Mr Petter in the chair. Present Mr Prentice, Mr Collinson, Mr Bennett and Miss G Cook. The balance sheet was examined. Mr Bennett consented to make arrangements to obtain members if possible at Leiston, Yoxford and Saxmundham.

Ipswich 1923/24 First Members’ Meeting, 22 October 1923

The first members' meeting was held in the museum office at 6.00pm on 22 Oct.

Mr Rowley Elliston presided. Mr and Mrs Petter, Mr Bennett, Mr Walker, Dr Blacklock, Mr Collinson, Mr Prentice and Miss G Cook.

The minutes of the last members' meeting were read and confirmed.

The president then referred to the passing of our member Mr S A Notcutt and a vote of sympathy was passed to Mrs Notcutt and her family.

The correspondent referred to the occultation of 5 stars in Taurus on 27 Oct including Aldebaran.

Mr Prentice read a paper on "The Connection Between Meteor Streams and Comets".

W Rowley Elliston.

Ipswich Public Lecture, 10 November 1923

A public lecture was delivered by Father Cortie, S.J., FRAS of Stonyhurst Observatory on 10 Nov at 8.00pm in the Garratt Memorial Hall, Ipswich. The arrangements were carried out together with the Ipswich branch of the WEA. The lecture was well attended.

Lecture poster "The System of the Stars"

Newspaper Cutting

The Chaldaean Society and the Workers’ Education Association are to be congratulated again on securing Father Cortie, S.J., D.Sc. the distinguished astronomer to lecture them on Saturday Evening. The Chair was taken by Mr G B Petter, FRAS and the meeting was held in the Garratt Memorial Hall, Ipswich.

Father Cortie's racy style held his audience to the end, and the splendid lantern slides, some of which were of his own construction, made the lecture more delightful. The old nursery rhyme, he said, might well be altered to indicate our present knowledge of the stars, and we might say with some truth "Twinkle twinkle little star: now I know just what you are". The information revealed by means of the modern powerful telescope (reaching nearly 18 feet long and having an object glass of nearly 100 inches) together with the photographic plate and the accuracy of modern systems of measurement, would make it true to him to say that there were in all some sixteen hundred million stars in existence – one for every man, woman and child on earth to-day.

Photographs of portions of the milky way showed the apparent absence of stars in some directions, but the lecturer showed that this was owing to the presence of nebular dust, which absorbed their light. "The milky way was a dusty way".

The examination by the lecturer of photographs of various nebulae – vast masses of gaseous matter turning on their axes – and his description of the results of spectroscopic examination of their composition enabled him to show that with these developing systems, as with the whole universe, there was unmistakably unity of arrangement, unity of material, unity of origin, and truly unity of design, justifying him in saying with Lord Kelvin that the study of natural phenomena brought out a wider perception of the direction of the great mind of God.

Mr Rowley Elliston proposed and Mrs Harry Crowe seconded on behalf of their organisations, a hearty vote of thanks to the lecturer.

Ipswich 1923/24 2nd Members’ Meeting, 17 December 1923

The 2nd members' meeting was held at the museum office on 17 Dec at 6.00pm.

Present Mr Rowley Elliston President, Mr Bennett, Miss Bennett and Friend, Mr Walker, Mr Collinson and Miss G Cook.

The minutes of the first members' meeting were read and confirmed.

She referred to Mr Collinson’s successful observation of Beta Ceti.

Papers were read and fully discussed.

Mr Bennett "On Solar Projection Apparatus and calculations".

Mr Collinson "On Beta Ceti observations".

W Rowley Elliston.

Ipswich Conversazione 26 January 1924

On 26 Jan a Conversazione was held at the Museum and free library in connection with the Ips and District Natural History Society where by invitation the Chaldaean Society showed astronomical photographs lent by Mr Hardcastle, Mr E H Collinson and Miss G Cook.

Ipswich 1923/24 3rd Members’ Meeting 1924

The third members' meeting was held on 11 Feb at 6.00pm in the Museum office.

Present Mr Rowley Elliston President, Mr Petter, Mr Bennett, Dr Blacklock, Mr Prentice, Mr Collinson, Mr Wollaston, Miss G Cook and 5 friends.

The minutes of the 2nd meeting were read and confirmed.

The correspondent referred to the pleasant evening on 26 Jan and asked members to look in their C. S. Journals to see what phenomena would be visible during the next few weeks.

Mr J Hargreaves President of the C.S. gave an interesting talk on his personal adventures in W Australia at {Wallal} for the Solar Eclipse and showed photographs of the eclipse apparatus and the country he travelled through. The next meeting was fixed for 10 March.

W Rowley Elliston.

Ipswich 4th Members’ Meeting, 17 March 1924

The fourth members' meeting was held on 17 March at 6 OC.

Present Mr Rowley Elliston President, Mr Petter, Mrs Petter, Dr Blacklock, Mr Bennett, Mr Walker, Mr Collinson, Mr Prentice, Miss Cook and 2 friends.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

The correspondent read a brief report of the past and future astronomical observations. She gave some account of the meeting at Burlington House where she attended as a delegate for the Ipswich Section. It was agreed that the committee consider the minutes from the meeting and J Hargreaves' recommendations and report on them at the next meeting, Mr Prentice invited members to come to Redcroft, Stowmarket to a meeting on 12 April. This was accepted with acclamation.

Our President gave us a most delightful paper on "The Star Poem of Aratus" illustrating his talk with quotations of great beauty from the poem.

W Rowley Elliston.

Ipswich 1923/24 5th Members’ Meeting, 12/4/1924

The fifth members' meeting was held at Redcroft, Stowmarket by invitation from Mr Prentice.

Members present included Mr Rowley Elliston, President, Mr Bennett, Mr Petter, Mr Collinson, Miss Cook, Mrs Prentice, Mr Lindsay Prentice and Mr J P M Prentice and 3 friends.

The meeting commenced with tennis for the more active members and was followed by tea which all enjoyed.

Mr E H Collinson showed a collection of astron. photos.

The correspondent read the minutes of the previous meeting these were confirmed.

Mr Collinson demonstrated his observations of the crater Eratosthenes by showing us some enlargements of his drawings of the formation at different periods of lunation, showing the changes which take place.

Mr W R Harper followed with a paper on "The Quantum Theory and its Application to Spectra".

The meeting concluded with a motion from the Chairman that a hearty vote of thanks be recorded in the minutes as given to Mr Prentice and his father and mother for their hospitality.

Final Committee Meeting, 29 September 1924

At a committee meeting held on 29 Sept 1924 in the museum office, Mr Rowley Elliston and Miss Cook being present it was agreed to discontinue our section on the grounds of insufficient support from new members.

The finances showed a balance of nearly £3 (minus postages for Miss Cook's notices) with the committee and wishes this was to be devoted by Miss Cook to further astronomical interests in this neighbourhood.

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