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Astronomical Interest at Ipswich Philosophical Society

Ipswich Philosophical Society was founded in 1818, but was inactive by 1855. The following material held in Suffolk Record Office describes astronomical interest at the Society.

The following index cards provide dates of meetings but no other information:

  1. HD2272/153/6/31/1 Programme November 1850 - May 1851.
  2. HD2272/153/6/31/2 Programme November 1851 - May 1852 (Robert Ransome, Esq, President, W H Alexander, Esq, Vice-President, W H B Webster, Secretary).
  3. HD2272/153/6/31/3 Programme January 1852 - December 1852 (W H Alexander, Esq, President, R D Alexander, Esq, Vice-President, Mr Charles Wise, Treasurer, W H B Webster, Secretary).

The following holding, HD2272/153/6/31/4 Ipswich Philosophical Society Laws, Regulations and Catalogue of the Library, dated March 1852 lists, among other volumes, the following library books owned by the Society:



Nowadays, the volume formerly owned by Ipswich Philosophical Society is in the possession of Bob Marriott. See Occasional Notes: An Independent Miscellany of Astronomy, no. 1, 27 June 2018, p. 4, by Bob Marriott, available from http://www.hamaldemon.com

Bill Barton, FRAS