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OASI In The BBC Domesday Book


The BBC Domesday Book was a pair of interactive videodiscs made by the BBC in London to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the original Domesday book (compiled by William the Conqueror's staff in 1086 following his conquest of England 20 years previously).

The information in the BBC Domesday Book (Community Disc) has been provided by various community sources, mainly schools. It is intended to be a record of 20th century life and a number of libraries, museums, etc, have the disc and equipment for reading it. (A national archive disc recording socio-economic data has also been produced). The data is recorded using laser techniques and is retrieved using a BBC computer, disc reader and appropriate software.

Unfortunately, the information provided has been entered unedited and, in addition to spelling mistakes, at least one factual error has been included, namely that Orwell Park Observatory is in the care of the Ipswich Astrological Society. Despite the error, it is pleasing to be included in the modern version of the Domesday Book and all that is needed now is the publication of a corrected edition!

Pete Richards