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Cartoons By Les Lamb

The following cartoons and sketches by Les Lamb appeared on the front cover of the OASI Newsletter during the period March 1995 - February 2006.

01_Observatory_Tower.jpg Orwell Park Observatory.

(March, June 1995; July, September 1996; August-September 2002; February, August-September 2003; March, October 2004.)

02_Orwell_Park_Clock_Tower.jpg Orwell Park clock tower.

(April, July 1995; June, October 1996.)

03_Tomline_Refractor.jpg Tomline Refractor.

(May, August 1995; October 2000.)

04_Space_Shuttle.jpg Lost in space.

(September 1995.)

05_Unlucky_alien.jpg Unlucky alien.

(October 1995; May 1996.)

06_Takeaway_order.jpg Takeaway order.

(November 1995.)

07_mirror_grinding.jpg Grinding a telescope mirror.

(May, August 1995; October 2000.)

08_Astronaut_manouevring_unit.jpg Astronaut with manoeuvring unit.

(March, November 1996.)

09_Laika.jpg Laika, first dog in space.

(April 1996.)

10_Transit_Telescope.jpg Orwell Park transit telescope.

(August 1996.)

11_Teepee_around_telescope.jpg Telescope tripod wigwam.

(March 1997.)

12_Naughty_astronomer.jpg Naughty astronomer.

(April 1997.)

13_Window_cleaner.gif Spaceship window cleaner.

(May 1997.)

14_Newton's_telescope.gif Newton's telescope, 1672.

(June 1997.)

15_Telescope_James_Short.gif Telescope by James Short.

(July 1997.)

16_Dorpat_Refractor.gif Dorpat Refractor, 1826.

(August 1997.)

17_Nasmyth's_telescope.gif James Nasmyth's 50 cm aperture telescope.

(September 1997.)

18_UK_Schmidt_Telescope.gif UK 1.2 m Schmidt Telescope, Royal Observatory, Edinburgh.

(October 1997.)

19_Moon_occults_Saturn.jpg Lunar occultation of Saturn, 12 November 1997.

(November 1997.)

20_Merry_Xmas_1997.jpg The Xmas present.

(December 1997.)

21_Happy_New_Year_1998.jpg Happy New Year, 1998.

(January 1998.)

22_Dancing_radio_astronomers.jpg Radio astronomy at Orwell Park.

(February 1998.)

23_Life_on_Earth.jpg Life on Earth?

(March 1998.)

24_Balancing_Dobsonian.jpg Balancing a Dobsonian.

(April 1998.)

25_At_doctors.jpg At the doctor's.

(May 1998.)

26_Zero_gravity.jpg Astronaut forgets he's weightless.

(June 1998.)

27_Wheelbarrow_for_telescope.jpg Telescope transportation.

(July 1998.)

28_Early_for_eclipse.jpg Too early for the solar eclipse.

(August 1998.)

29_Beginners_astronomy_class.jpg Beginners' astronomy class.

(September 1998.)

30_Radio_astronomy_base.jpg Radio astronomy expands its base.

(October 1998.)

31_Binoculars_and_telescopes.gif Binoculars and telescopes.

(November 1998.)

32_Merry_Xmas_1998.jpg Father Christmas on his round.

(December 1998.)

33_Happy_New_Year_1999.jpg Happy New Year, 1999.

(January 1999.)

34_Wheelbarrow_transport.jpg Transport by wheelbarrow.

(February 1999.)

35_SOHO.jpg SOHO fully operational.

(March 1999.)

36_Mini_comets.jpg "It was a mini-comet!"

(April 1999.)

37_Opening_shutter.jpg Opening the shutter at Orwell Park.

(May 1999.)

38_MT_mirror_grinding.jpg Grinding the mirror for the Millennium Telescope.

(June 1999.)

39_Decorating.jpg Decorating the observatory again!

(August 1999.)

40_Solar_eclipse_Aug_1999.jpg No photo of the eclipse!

(September 1999.)

41_Next_UK_solar_eclipse.jpg Waiting for the next UK solar eclipse.

(October 1999.)

42_Busy_open_nights.jpg Overcoming congestion on open evenings.

(November 1999.)

43_Merry_Xmas_1999.jpg Xmas wishes to a light polluter.

(December 1999.)

44_Happy_New_Year_2000.jpg Happy New Year, 2000.

(January 2000.)

45_Astronomer_in_rain.jpg Rain prevents astronomy.

(February 2000.)

46_Windy_March.jpg Wind interrupts astronomy.

(March 2000.)

47_40th_cover.gif Fortieth cover, eighty-seventh birthday!

(April 2000.)

48_Low_cost_telescope.jpg Low-cost telescope.

(May 2000.)

49_Telescope_operators_test.gif Failing the Tomline Refractor operating test.

(June 2000.)

50_Recovering.jpg Recovering.

(July 2000.)

51_Telescope_training.jpg Telescope training.

(August 2000.)

52_Open_Weekend_Recruitment_2000.gif Recruiting to assist with the 2000 open weekend.

(September 2000.)

53_Radio_astronomy.jpg Difficulties of interstellar communication.

(November 2000.)

54_Merry_Xmas_2000.jpg Xmas wishes, 2000.

(December 2000.)

55_Happy_New_Year_2001.jpg Happy New Year, 2001.

(January 2001.)

56_Lengthy_flight.jpg Lengthy flight.

(February 2001.)

57_Lazy_astronomer.jpg Lazy astronomer.

(March 2001.)

58_Entering_dome.jpg Entering the dome.

(April 2001.)

59_Martian_enterprise.jpg Martian enterprise.

(May 2001, February 2004.)

60_Lunar_excursion.jpg Lunar excursion.

(June 2001.)

61_Tomline_Refractor_dedication.jpg Dedicating the Tomline Refractor.

(July 2001.)

62_Lift_shaft_renovation.jpg Installing another floor in the lift shaft.

(August 2001.)

63_Tomline_ghost.jpg Waiting for the lift.

(September 2001.)

64_Meteor_watch.gif Meteor watches.

(October 2001.)

65_Telescope_tripod_rocket_launcher.jpg Rocket launcher.

(November 2001.)

66_Xmas_gift_problems.jpg Xmas gift problems.

(December 2001.)

67_Happy_New_Year_2002.gif Happy New Year, 2002.

(January 2002.)

68_Bellringers.jpg Bell-ringers.

(February 2002.)

69_Shaving_mirror.gif Giant shaving mirror.

(March 2002.)

70_Busy_night.gif A busy night at the Observatory.

(April 2002.)

71_Stonehenge.jpg Stonehenge.

(May 2002.)

72_Defending_Mars.jpg Defending Mars.

(June 2002.)

73_Cowpat_problem.jpg Cowpat problem.

(July 2002.)

74_Library_renovation.jpg Being librarian during rebuilding.

(October 2002.)

75_Observing_fireworks.jpg Fireworks at the meteor watch.

(November 2002.)

76_Merry_Xmas_2002.jpg Merry Xmas, 2002.

(December 2002.)

77_Happy_New_Year_2003.jpg New Year party.

(January 2003.)

78_Astronomer_in_flood.jpg Wet weather.

(March 2003.)

79_Benefit_claimant.jpg Benefit claimant.

(April 2003.)

80_90th_birthday.jpg Ninetieth birthday.

(May 2003.)

81_Millennium_Telescope.jpg The OASI Millennium Telescope.

(June 2003.)

82_New_library.jpg New library at Orwell Park.

(July 2003.)

83_Discrete_Martian.jpg Discrete Martian.

(November 2003.)

84_Fall_down_Observatory_stairs.jpg Fall on the observatory staircase.

(December 2003.)

85_Happy_Xmas_2003.jpg Asteroid or bone?

(January 2004.)

86_Observatory_Tower.jpg Orwell Park Observatory.

(April, August-September 2004; June, August-September 2006.)

87_Carpeting_library.jpg Carpeting the Orwell Park library.

(May 2004.)

88_Transit_of_Venus.jpg Transit of Venus.

(June 2004.)

89_Observing_ToV.gif Observing the Transit of Venus.

(July 2004.)

90_Upsides_Down.gif Upsides-down.

(November 2004.)

91_Merry_Xmas_2004.gif Merry Xmas, 2004.

(December 2004.)

92_Orwell_Park_security.jpg The new security system at Orwell Park.

(February 2006.)

93_Trouble_aboard_Mir.jpg Trouble aboard Mir.