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Photo Competition, 2016

During 2016, OASI Chairman David Murton ran an astro-photography competition. The rules stipulated use of only a standard camera, not a telescope or tracking mount. First prize was a night's use of David's private observatory. The closing date for entries was 31 October 2016.

Poster advertising the competition.

Three members of OASI and one non-member submitted entries, which were adjudicated by the judges, David Murton and Mike O'Mahony, as follows:

  1. Jeremy Startup (member). Silhouette of trees against the night sky. Taken in France with a Canon DSLR.
  2. Bill Barton, FRAS (member). Moon and Venus taken from Portman Road, Ipswich using an Iphone 4.
  3. Simone Leigh (non-member). Star-field taken using a Canon DSLR with zoom lens.
  4. Mike Whybray (member). Moon over the stage at the Latitude Festival, mid-July 2016

David has offered all entrants the use of his observatory and equipment for an evening.

Startup_firs_France.jpg 1st. Jeremy Startup.

Leigh_star_field.jpg 3rd. Simone Leigh.

Barton_Moon_Venus.jpg 2nd. Bill Barton, FRAS.

Whybray_Moon_Latitude.jpg 4th. Mike Whybray.