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Telescopes At Orwell Park Observatory

Orwell Park Observatory houses several telescopes and associated equipment, all available for use by members of OASI. The principal telescopes are shown below.

258 mm Tomline Refractor 258 mm Tomline Refractor, dating from 1874.

150 mm Helios reflector Helios 150 mm, F6.7 reflector.

150 mm Sky-watcher reflector Sky-watcher 150 mm, F5.0 reflector.

Meade 125 mm ETX125-EC Meade 125 mm ETX125-EC.

Meade 40 mm Coronado solar telescope Meade 40 mm Coronado solar telescope.

Fig49_Thetford.jpg OASI Millennium Telescope (minus its shroud) at Thetford Star Party, 2003.

Celestron Nexstar 8SE 200 mm Celestron Nexstar 8SE reflector.

250 mm Dobsonian reflector constructed by OASI member Mike Harlow 250 mm Dobsonian reflector constructed by OASI member Mike Harlow.

75 mm transit telescope 75 mm transit telescope, dating from 1874.