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Variable Stars, 20 June - 14 November 1974

In early 1973, enthusiasm grew in OASI for observing variable stars. This was largely due to the suggestion by Patrick Moore together with OASI member and skilled observer, Edward Collinson, to use the Orwell Park 26 cm refractor to observe the objects. Shortly thereafter, in February 1973, OASI joined the Variable Star Section of the BAA, being assigned responsibility to observe the variables X Aurigae, X Leonis, CN Orionis and SV Virginis. In April 1973, an appeal was made in the OASI Newsletter for observations of the bodies.

On 07 December 1973, OASI member C R Munford gave a lecture on observing variable stars. In 1974, Tom Cardot canvassed for interest in establishing a Variable Stars Section of OASI. Tom succeeded in forming the section in June of the year and became its first leader. Subsequently, in September 1974, he wrote in the Newsletter an observing guide to variable stars. At this time, Tom was one of the most active observers of variable stars in OASI, using an 80 mm refractor, together with Steve Flory, using a 76 mm refractor, and David Barnard, using a 100 mm reflector. Tom and David published estimates of variable star brightness in the Newsletter between October 1974 and January 1975, summarised in the graph below.

Interest in the subject then waned until 1983, when Mike Nicholls became an active observer of the bodies.

The following graph shows brightness estimates for the following variable stars by Tom and David: R Coronae Borealis, R Scuti, W Cygni, AG Pegasi, GO Pegasi, SS Cygni, EG Lyrae, V360 Cygni and AQ Andromedae.


James Appleton