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Sunspots, February-March 1982

On 10 February 1982, I and other members of OASI saw a very large, naked-eye sunspot group, stimulating interest in solar observing. Below are three sketches of projections of the Sun. I aim to improve the quality and accuracy of observations and to keep as comprehensive a record of the Sun throughout the summer as the weather will permit. The Sun appears to be very active at present so regular observations could prove worthwhile, with the possibility of more naked-eye sunspots.

Note: never look directly at the Sun with binoculars or a telescope. Projection is the only safe method to observe the solar disk.

19820210_sunspots_CRB.gif 10 February 1982.

19820312_sunspots_CRB.gif 12 March 1982.

19820323_sunspots_CRB.gif 23 March 1982.

C R Baldry