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Full Moon And Lunar Total Eclipse, 31 January 2018

Full moons occurred on 01 and 31 January 2018. On the second event of the month, a lunar total eclipse also took place, with event times (UT) as follows (from the BAA Handbook for 2018):

The combination of a second full moon during a month plus a lunar eclipse proved irresistible to the media. Amid the various terms used to hype the event were: blue moon, blue blood moon, super blue blood moon and blue supermoon!

Fortunately, the sky on the evening of 31 January - 01 February was clear, and members of OASI captured the following images (taken on 31 January except where stated otherwise).

  1. James Appleton, 23:23 UT. Canon EOS, 300 mm lens, f/6.3, 1/4000 s exposure, ISO 800. Sharpened in GIMP2.8.
  2. Mike Whybray. Full moon rising off Landguard Fort, Felixstowe. Canon EOS 550D with Vivitar 300 mm, F5.6 telephoto. 1/125 s exposure at ISO 1600.
  3. Martin Cook, 18:55 UT. Canon EOS 1100D with EF75-300 mm f/4-5.6 USM lens at 300 mm, F11, 1/100 s exposure, ISO 800. Cropped and levels adjusted in Photoshop cs5.
  4. Andy Gibbs. Canon 1200D, Sigma 70-300 mm lens at 300 mm, F11, 1/125 s exposure at ISO 100. Image straight from the camera. The blue hue is due to the use of tungsten light setting.
  5. Andy Gibbs. Equipment as previous image. 1/125 s, ISO 200. Tweaked in Photoshop to sharpen and remove the blue hue.
  6. Ian Hastie. Canon 1200D, 300 mm lens, f/8, 1/640 s, ISO 1000.
  7. Adam Honeybell. Canon 7D camera.
  8. Mike Norris, 01 February. Full moon setting. Compact camera.
  9. Gerry Pilling. Hand-held camera.
  10. Paul Whiting, FRAS, 30 January. Almost-full moon over Tromsø Bridge. Nikon D3200 camera, 300 mm lens, F/5.6, ISO 400, 1/200 s.
  11. Paul Whiting, FRAS. Full moon setting over Havøysund. Equipment as previous image. ISO 2800, 1/125 s.
  12. Paul Whiting, FRAS. Equipment as previous image. ISO 3200, 1/60 s. 3rd contact.
  13. Paul Whiting, FRAS. Equipment as previous image; taken 13 minutes later. ISO 6400, 1/50 s.
  14. John & Sandra Barnet-Lamb. Hand-held Canon camera.
  15. John & Sandra Barnet-Lamb. Hand-held Canon camera. Between 1st and 2nd contacts.
  16. John & Sandra Barnet-Lamb. Taken 20 minutes after the preceding photo.
  17. John & Sandra Barnet-Lamb. Taken 25 minutes after the preceding photo, close to 2nd contact.
  18. Andy Willshere. Taken from Australia, with a basic compact camera.
  19. Andy Willshere. Taken from Australia, with a basic compact camera.

20180131_2323_full_moon_JMA_0679.jpg 1

20180131_full_moon_MW_7591.jpg 2

20180131_full_moon_MPC.jpg 3

20180131_full_moon_AG_1717.jpg 4

20180131_full_moon_AG_1731.jpg 5

20180131_full_moon_IH_2802.jpg 6

20180131_full_moon_AH.jpg 7

20180131_full_moon_MN.jpg 8

20180131_full_moon_GP_17.jpg 9

20180130_full_moon_over_Tromso_Bridge_PJW.jpg 10

20180131_full_moon_set_Havoysund_PJW.jpg 11

20180131_LE_3C_PJW.jpg 12

20180131_LE_3C+_PJW.jpg 13

20180131_full_moon_JSBL_5685.jpg 14

20180131_LE_JSBL_5625.jpg 15

20180131_LE_JSBL_5639.jpg 16

20180131_LE_JSBL_5659.jpg 17

20180131_full_moon_AW.jpg 18

20180131_LE_AW.jpg 19