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Southern Star Fields From La Palma, 16 May 2018

Images of southern star fields in the region of Sagittarius, captured from La Palma during a trip there in May 2018. All taken with a 100 mm lens at F2.8, ISO 800.

  1. M8 (the Lagoon Nebula), M20 (the Trifid Nebula), M22, Saturn and asteroid (9) Metis. 24 minute exposure.
  2. M16, M17 and asteroid (4) Vesta, hiding in M24. 16 minute exposure.
  3. The head of Scorpius and the striking dust lanes of Ophiuchus. M4, Antares and ρ Oph are visible. 16 minute exposure.
  4. Ω Centauri, one of the largest globular clusters in orbit around the Milky Way, and Centaurus A, one of the closest active galaxies to Earth. 27 minute exposure.

20180516_M8+M20+M22_NSE_5211.jpg 1.

20180516_M16+M17+Vesta_NSE_5236.jpg 2.

20180516_M4_region_NSE_5178.jpg 3.

20180516_Cen_NSE_5098.jpg 4.

Nigel Evans