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Lunar Partial Eclipse, 16 July 2019

Event times (UT) for the lunar partial eclipse of 16 July 2019 were as follows (from the BAA Handbook for 2019):

Five members of OASI reported observations:

Andy Gibbs. My view of GE was spoilt by clouds. By 22:00 UT the clouds had cleared a little, enabling me to capture image 1. Camera: Canon 1200D with Sigma 70-300 mm lens, 1/60 s exposure at ISO 400.

Mike Harlow. My images are not really sharp due to the low altitude of the Moon and the long exposures needed to overcome the hazy atmosphere. Image 2 is a wide-field shot taken at about 20:25 UT. Images 3-6 were taken with a 500 mm lens; images 3 and 4 are leading up to greatest eclipse and images 5 and 6 are approximately at GE.

Neil Morley. Image 7 was taken at 22:16 UT from Tessy Sur Vire, northern France (48.9525° N, 1.05684° W). Equipment: FV-5 camera app installed on a Huawei Y.635 Smartphone, using automatic exposure with manual setting ISO 100 and focus set to infinity. This is the best of a selection of pictures taken with the phone handheld. There was patchy high-level cloud.

Raj Patel. I took images 8-16 from near Christchurch Park with a Nikon D610 camera with 300 mm, F4 lens using various apertures, speeds and ISO settings. Unfortunately, most of the images are compromised by cloud.

Martin Richmond-Hardy. Images 17-19 were taken around the time of GE. Canon EOS 500D with 200 mm lens at f/3.5 plus x2 teleconverter. I tried different exposures to bring out the umbra and illuminated portions of the Moon. Focus is a bit of an issue.

20190716_LE_AG.png 1.

20190716_LE_MJH_1.jpg 2.

20190716_LE_MJH_2.jpg 3.

20190716_LE_MJH_3.jpg 4.

20190716_LE_MJH_4.jpg 5.

20190716_LE_MJH_5.jpg 6.

20190716_LE_ANM_0340.jpg 7.

20190716_LE_RP_1.png 8.

20190716_LE_RP_2.png 9.

20190716_LE_RP_3.png 10.

20190716_LE_RP_4.png 11.

20190716_LE_RP_5.png 12.

20190716_LE_RP_6.png 13.

20190716_LE_RP_7.png 14.

20190716_LE_RP_8.png 15.

20190716_LE_RP_9.png 16.

20190716_LE_MRH_1.png 17.

20190716_LE_MRH_2.png 18.

20190716_LE_MRH_3.png 19.