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Lunar Penumbral Eclipse, 10 January 2020

Event times (UT) for the lunar penumbral eclipse of 10 January 2020 were as follows (from the BAA Handbook for 2020):

Two members of OASI reported observations:

Roger Driver. At 19:10, I took one image on AWB (auto white balance) setting and one on SWB (sunny white balance) setting. Two hours later, I took another pair of images on AWB and on SWB. The images taken on AWB setting show a different colouration from those taken on SWB. The images at 19:10 show noticeable darkening of the south-east limb. I used a Nikon D5500 DSLR camera (APS-C sensor) attached to a Nikon 200-500 mm telephoto zoom lens at 500 mm. Common settings for all images were: aperture f8, shutter speed 1/800 s, ISO 200, camera handheld with image stabilisation on.


Andy Gibbs. I took the three photos below 19:12 (two minutes after greatest eclipse), 20:12 and 21:12 (times are UT). They show a darkening around the south-east limb and the crater Tycho. The images were taken with a Canon 1200D camera attached to a 200 mm Meade LX200. Exposures 1/125 s at ISO 200. (The camera has an APS-C sensor which, unfortunately, crops the image of the Moon).

20200110_1912_LE_AG.png 19:12 UT

20200110_2012_LE_AG.png 20:12 UT

20200110_2112_LE_AG.png 21:12 UT